What We Do

What We Do

Exciting our Consumers

We serve consumers all over the world, offering state-of-the-art 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home appliances and digital services. Our aim: improve their quality of life at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home. Even though “数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home” can assume many different forms, there is one unifying factor: 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home is the most precious place for most people – no matter where or how they live, whether they are a family in Sub-Saharan Africa or a single person in Manhattan. We want to excite all of them alike with innovative products and inspiring experiences along each individual consumer journey.

Addressing individual needs

Product Finders on our brand websites help consumer to find the right appliance for their needs

Product Finders on our brand websites help consumers to find the right appliance for their needs.

We put our consumers at the center of all business decisions, providing the right product portfolio and information when and where they are needed. During the orientation phase, most of our brand websites offer tools like product finders or personal video consulting to help potential consumers to choose the product that best fulfills their individual needs. Consumers can purchase their appliance of choice directly in our brand stores or from retail partners – both online and offline – depending on their location and personal preferences.

Digital services

Easy Start Assistant finds the right program in just a few simple steps.
Throughout the routine use phase, our Easy Start assistant directs consumers in the right direction.

Sustainable appliance care

With new business models like BlueMovement BSH is driving circular economy.

And when it comes to appliance care, our brands and customer service teams offer helpful cleaning and maintenance tips as well as different care packages for the longest possible appliance lifetime. This includes appliance installation, warranty extensions, accessories like special cleaning products as well as remote diagnostics for connected appliances. On top of that, we ensure that as many appliances and as much material as possible are being re-used or recycled after the end of their routine use phase to reduce resource consumption. Thus, we aim to improve the quality of life at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home and beyond.

Listening to our consumers

With the help of a so-called age suit, we can put ourselves in the shoes of older consumers.

We work continuously to learn about our consumers' experiences, preferences and challenges as well as their current and future needs all around the world. These are essential elements of our innovation process. We conduct quantitative and qualitative consumer research and evaluate personal feedback in customer service calls, product reviews or prototype testing in our user experience laboratories , for instance. Furthermore, we analyse the usage data of connected appliances – with our consumers’ consent – to incorporate the results into the enhancement of our 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home appliances and service solutions. In collaboration with designers, engineers and sales experts, this leads to innovations that invigorate and ensure better quality of life in harmony with the environment.
Henning Brau

Consumers should feel at ease with our product. The purchase, installation, use and even maintenance should be a positive experience for them.

Henning Brau, Manager User Experience

Open Innovation

Besides our internal innovation efforts, we are also thinking outside the box. Among others, we offer a unique approach aimed at enabling long-term partnerships between startups and BSH: The BSH Startup Kitchen . We seek to partner with start ups that offer unique solutions for our entire business – in terms of products, services and productivity. This is part of our "Open Innovation" approach and guides us to a lean and fast process to integrate consumer-centric innovations in our products and processes.

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