Our Inventiveness.

When it comes to both the scope and strategic focus of our innovations, variety is key. We reinforce our aim to be the driving force and the innovation leader in the 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home appliances industry with our 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home appliances and digital services. Innovations based on sensor technology, combined with connectivity solutions, artificial intelligence and excellent designs meet consumer requests all around the world.

The Future of Dishwashing Offers Highest Flexibility & Performance


For the first time, all BSH dishwashers of the new generation can be controlled with 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Connect – across the complete product range. Furthermore, the appliance software stays up to date and users profit from numerous digital features and services. For example, varioSpeed on-demand users can accelerate Siemens’ dishwasher programs remotely, even when they are already running.

Bosch’s appliances come with silence on-demand that allows to reduce the already quiet noise level to a minimum. Furthermore, the new dishwasher generation offers maximum performance and flexibility with an additional cleaning zone in the top basket and a fully functional third basket for small kitchen items.


Artificial Intelligence Knows when a Dish Will be Done

数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Connect

Artificial intelligence makes household experiences even more convenient: Bosch’s sensor-supported Series 8 oven with 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Connect and artificial intelligence can predict when individual baked goods or roasts are fully done. Supported by its PerfectBake and PerfectRoast sensors, the connected oven learns through every baking and roasting process with artificial intelligence. It becomes smarter about when exactly certain foods are finished.

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Cookit Saves Time and Effort


Bosch Cookit offers a simple and time-saving solution for fresh 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home cooking with three cooking modes: Consumers can choose from a variety of pre-installed guided cooking recipes with simple step-by-step instructions or they can rely on the support of multiple automatic programs and temperature precision up to 200°C. From gently fermented yogurt to sous-vide cooked salmon fillet to juicy fillet steak, there is something for everyone. For the greatest possible joy of experimentation, the Cookit also provides a manual cooking mode.

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Microprocessor Technology for Smart Appliances


BSH is equipping most of its 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home appliances with the SystemMaster, a microprocessor platform that will allow consumers to use digital services, download apps and programs, and update software on all their appliances. It is a kind of mini computer and digital brain that is integrated into connected 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home appliances to transform them into smart platforms with a uniform system for running apps and services, similar to smartphone apps.

Minimalist Look, Maximum Extractor Performance

table fan solution

The innovative table fan convinces with its minimalist look: at first glance, it consists merely of a slim glass panel that can be extended behind the cooktop during cooking with the 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Connect App. The table fan offers a powerful extraction performance with new Guided Air technology. It creates an air curtain behind the glass and thus a strong suction on all cooking zones, which pulls the vapors downwards into the fan. Another highlight: Ambient LED lighting accompanies cooking with colored accents on the glass panel.

Connected Washing & Drying.

Smart Dry

Laundry care with 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Connect is the smartest way to perfect drying results. Thanks to Bosch’s Smart Dry and Siemens’ intelligentDry technology, the washer and dryer are closely interconnected. The washing machine sends the parameters from the last wash, including program, fill level and remaining moisture content, to the dryer. This automatically selects the appropriate setting for the drying process and makes perfect laundry care a little easier. Another highlight: the new dryer no longer needs a door filter to capture fluff. The appliance rinses both its condenser and lint filter automatically after every drying cycle and directs the fluff to a depot at the bottom.

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Modern Chulha - Improves the Cooking Experience Without Electricity

Modern Chulha

People in India who can’t afford gas or electricity usually use three stone fires for cooking. These fires are very inefficient and unhealthy as they create lots of smoke. In 2019, BSH launched a new emerging markets product under the Bosch brand in India – Bosch Modern Chulha. The wood stove aims to improve the cooking experience for consumers: The innovative product creates much less smoke, uses less wood, and cooks faster than comparable products in the market. It also offers another major benefit: an affordable price that caters to the needs of 95 million rural households.

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Individual Refrigerator Design


Does desire for individuality stop at the kitchen door? If not, the Vario Style fridge-freezer combination can change its color according to consumers’ individual tastes. Bosch’s multiple award-winning fridge-freezer combination offers 20 color door front panels as well as spectacular photo prints. They transform the refrigerator into a real designer piece, which can be adapted any time in terms of color and motif in just a few simple steps.

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Fully up to Date with Your Provisions


Got everything? Now consumers can take a look inside the fridge while shopping. Thanks to the built-in cameras, they can see at a glance if they are short of anything. Another highlight: Thanks to the smart storage guide with object recognition, users can get hints on how to store fruits and vegetables optimally in order to keep food fresh longer and reduce food waste. On-screen icons tell them whether a food belongs in or out of the fridge, which shelf to place it on and other useful tips. Users can also access recipe recommendations and nutritional values of fruits and vegetables.

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