History of BSH

Past - What we are based on.

What is true of the future was also true of the past. The BSH of today and tomorrow is based on more than 50 years of history in which it was the driving force for technological as well as social development through BSH products. In a timeline and a look back on 50 years of advertising, we show what impact BSH products had at various times and how they positively influenced quality of life. From this, we can derive structures that may be transferable to the future and help us answer the question of how we want to live tomorrow.

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Smart Food Management


Siemens side-by-side refrigerator

Smart Food Management

Siemens’ side-by-side refrigerator offers a one-stop food journey solution: two cameras in the fridge, combined with object recognition software that recognizes the most fundamental food stock, as well as radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags inside the freezer allow the appliance to know what is inside. Thus, consumers can use smart food management functions like an inventory list, expiration reminders and storage suggestions.

Bosch Unlimited


Bosch Unlimited

Exchangeable Battery Packs

Feel the freedom with a cordless cleaner: Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner are powerful, lightweight and agile to deliver maximum performance and convenience on whatever floor surface you have. The interchangeable battery packs with fast charging offer continuous runtime.



Bosch OptiMUM food processor

The culmination of many years of experience

Functionality, user-friendliness and design – Bosch pours all of its 60 years of experience in food processors into the design of the OptiMUM. With an integrated scale, timer and advanced sensor technology, it takes on more tasks than any Bosch food processor has ever managed before – and thanks to its automatic programs, it does all of this independently.

Bosch OptiMUM ©Pressebild der Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH

Active Humidity


Siemens ActiveHumidity

Active Storage Humidification

Refrigerators with active storage humidification inject a fine watery mist into the vegetable drawer. Like in grocery stores, the additional humidity creates an optimal climate to allow for best freshness results for a longer period. Fresh produce retain their vitamins longer whilst keeping their typical aroma, crispiness and color.

Detail Cleaning system


Cleaning system for the Gaggenau 400 series

Ovens are cleaning themselves

As an exclusive world first, Gaggenau presents a fully automatic cleaning system for all 400 series steam ovens with a direct connection to the water supply. The steam chamber is cleaned hygienically with a cleaning cartridge and water.

Combi-steam oven 400 series ©BSH Haugeräte GmbH (Gaggenau)



Siemens sensoFresh

Active Oxygen Technology

Siemens washing machines with sensoFresh technology make it fast and simple to remove odors from all kind of fabrics and clothes, even dry clean only items and delicates. The revolutionary active oxygen technology neutralises smells without the need for water or detergents.



数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Connect

The networked 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home

It all starts in 2014 with ovens and dishwashers. Then in 2015, BSH also introduced washing machines, dryers and fridge-freezers equipped with the 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Connect function.

2014 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Connect ©BSH Hausgeräte GmbH



Bosch Athlet hand-held vacuum cleaner

Cordless power pack

The cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner can reach any place where there is dust – no matter where the sockets are. Thanks to its lithium-ion technology, the Athlet has just as much suction power as a conventional Bosch vacuum cleaner.

New standards in user-friendliness


Full-surface induction hob with TFT Touch Display

New standards in user-friendliness

New freedom in the kitchen – a single large cooking surface with full-surface induction allows for pots and pans to be placed anywhere. In addition, the TFT touch display shows the shape, size and position of the cookware.

Full-surface induction cooker ©BSH Haugeräte GmbH (Gaggenau)



i-DOS dosing system

Properly dosed washing

The automatic i-DOS dosing system allows for to-the-milliliter accurate dosing of detergent and thus reduces water consumption. The new technology is available, for example, in the Siemens iQ 800 premium washing machine. From 2011 onwards, it also comes with 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Connect and easy operation by app – from anywhere.

2011 iQ 800 ©Pressebild der SEG Hausgeräte GmbH



7-liter dishwasher

A water-saving miracle

The low water consumption of the new 7-liter dishwashers allows for unrivaled efficiency and water conservation. Now that’s sustainable!



SensorBagless technology

Bagless “dust catchers”

SensorBagless technology ensures an optimal performance level of floor cleaning even when using bagless vacuum cleaners.

2013 Relaxx bagless vacuum cleaner ©Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH



Dishwashers with a zeolite drying system

A world first in energy efficiency

Dishwashers with a zeolite drying system are the most economical yet. This world first makes use of the natural mineral zeolite’s ability for storing moisture and ensures low energy consumption.



The Siemens EQ.7 premium fully automatic coffee machine

Full-flavor in no time at all

The intelligent heating system in the new premium automatic coffee machine from Siemens guarantees a delightful espresso due to a constantly ideal brewing temperature.



The Tassimo series

Compact multiple beverage machine

The introduction of the Tassimo series revolutionizes coffee brewing with the multiple beverage machines and its so-called T DISCs. The Bosch Tassimo is manufactured in cooperation with the partner Kraft Foods. It not only has the shortest heat-up times, but is also the best energy-saving and most compact appliance on the market.

Tassimo (2015) ©Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH

Heat Pump Dryers


Heat Pump Dryers

Most Energy Saving

Innovative heat pump technology abandons the traditional heating wire and uses air heat for drying clothes. Thus, the first heat pump dryers from BSH greatly reduce energy consumption.



VarioSpeed dishwashers

Dishwashers “on” speed

Dishwashers are now available with VarioSpeed technology. Full performance at double the speed saves time.



Bosch AquaVario

The smart dishwasher

With AquaVario technology, sensors detect the right water pressure and new cleaning agents. These innovative characteristics make BSH the market leader in dishwashers. New operating concepts such as TouchControl and InfoLight are also introduced.




More legroom in the kitchen

With a fully retractable oven door, SLIDE&HIDE from NEFF creates space for convenient access to the inside of the oven.

Slide&Hide ©Pressebild NEFF



New designs for controls

Quicker switching

Innovative concepts such as TouchControl and slider technology simplify handling and facilitate intuitive operation. In 2003, Neff develops the TwistPad, a detachable magnetic one-button control for stoves that is elegant, safe and easy to clean.



The Gaggenau ED 220 steam oven

Globalization on a plate

A steam oven connected to the water supply creates a new trend – gentle steam cooking. Asian cuisine, in particular, owes its success in the western world to this method.

©Pressebild Gaggenau



Bosch VitaFresh

Keeping Food Fresh Longer

The VitaFresh compartments inside the fridge always maintain the right storage conditions, thanks to two different climate zones: In the top, drier zone, with a low temperature setting about 0° C, fish and meat can be hygienically stored in two separate drawers – with no odor transfer. An additional big bottom drawer with adjustable humidity keeps fruits and vegetables fresh longer.



Constructa viva washing machine

Fuzzy controls the laundry

The BSH subsidiary Constructa sets new standards for washing machines. Equipped with the fuzzy control system, sensors detect the fill quantity of the machine and can thereby adapt the washing time and spin cycle to the laundry. This technology makes it possible to reduce water and electricity consumption by approximately 50 percent.



CFC-free refrigerators

Clean cooling

Sustainable thinking: BSH converts its European production to CFC-free refrigerators and from 1994 also bans any use of CFCs in European BSH refrigerators.



45cm dishwasher

Less is more

The first dishwasher with a width of only 45cm, such as the GV430 series, is the star of the 1987 Domotechnica trade fair. Sales of 45cm dishwashers soon shoot sky high.

1987 45cm dishwasher ©Siemens Corporate Archives




The Clou

The smoothly operating, ball-bearing CLOU from Neff, a tilt-proof, multi-level telescopic oven shelf rail, is launched in 1987.



The Gaggenau EB 300 oven

Full width for roasting

The first 90 cm-wide oven on the European market has a large effective volume of 87 liters and provides space for up to four roasts. The EB 300 becomes an icon.

In 2016, the year of its 333rd anniversary, Gaggenau launches the EB 333 as homage to the EB 300. This updated version appears in a more modernized form and functionality, while remaining true to its origins. A distinctive feature is the stainless steel door that reaches across the entire width of the oven.

EB 333 ©BSH Hausgeräte GmbH (Gaggenau)




Goodbye to overflowing

AquaStop technology offers 100% protection against water damage caused by washing machines. The patent application is lodged in 1982, with the technology introduced in 1985, for example in the Constructa CONTURA and the Bosch SMS 9022. AquaStop is a pioneering success. In its first year, sales figures exceed production capacity. AquaStop has been a standard in washing machines since 1986 – even among its competitors.

AquaStop ©Siemens Corporate Archives



Siemens vacuum cleaners

The vacuum cleaner becomes a design icon

The Siemens VS 5 standard vacuum cleaner has a production output of more than four million. This is followed in 1984 by the Siemens Black Energy, which soon attains cult status with its sophisticated design.

Vacuum cleaner production line in Bad Neustadt, circa 1985 ©Siemens Corporate Archives



Fully automatic washing machines and dryers

Washing machines learn to dry

The successful SIWAMAT series continues to grow throughout the 1970s. In 1970, the SIWAMAT 450 automatic washing machine with its numerous programs and functions is added to the premium class. This is followed by the appearance of the first automatic washer-dryer in 1972. The front loaders SIWAMAT V472 with 800 rpm and the SIWAMAT 484 with 1000 rpm appear in 1979. At the beginning of the 1980s, the first fully electronic washing machine, the SIWAMAT 870 electronic, selects the most economical program itself and displays the progress of the washing process.

1970 SIWAMAT 450 ©Siemens Corporate Archives



The Siemens Meisterkoch (Master Chef) series

A stove for master chefs

In 1970, Siemens introduces the Meisterkoch series, which blows the market away with an outstanding range of operations and flexible function. In 1981, the Meisterkoch universal stove is launched. This is a built-in cooker that owes its success to a combination of top and bottom heating, convection, grill, microwave and self-cleaning by pyrolysis. An oven carriage facilitates access to baked goods.

1972 Meisterkoch HL 7470 mit Pyrolyse ©Siemens Corporate Archives



Neff Circo Therm

A lot of hot air

This multifunction oven with its CircoTherm hot air system and glass front provides insight in the kitchen. CircoTherm still stands for high-quality Neff ovens to this day.



The Bosch food processor Neuzeit I (“Modern Times I”)

All-rounder in the kitchen

In 1952, Bosch launches its first electrically operated universal food processor, the Neuzeit I.

1952 Bosch universal food processor, Neuzeit I ©Robert Bosch GmbH Corporate Archives



Constructa washing machine

Keeping an eye on the laundry

In 1951, Constructa introduces the first fully automatic washing machine to the market. Designed by Peter Pfenningsberg, its most prominent feature is its porthole. By 1955, its successor model, the Constructa Deluxe 100, already has an 80 percent market share – and this in competition with 30 other suppliers.

Circa 1956 – Constructa manufacturing hall with washing machines ©BSH Hausgeräte GmbH Corporate Archives



Bosch refrigerator

The first refrigerator: a round affair

In 1933, Bosch introduces the first electric refrigerator. It has a round shape and a capacity of 60 liters, and sells for 365 Reichsmark.

1933 refrigerator in a display window ©Robert Bosch GmbH Corporate Archives



Siemens dedusting pump

Tackling the dust

Shortly after the turn of the century, in 1906, Siemens launches its first vacuum cleaner on the market when it introduces the so-called dedusting pump.

Dedusting pump ©Siemens Corporate Archives

Future - Where are we heading?

The world is changing – and so are consumer needs, and major issues require smart solutions.

Globalization, individualization, pluralization, digitalization: The world is transforming at an increasing rate and seems poised to become more complex and fast-moving than ever. As a result, we are all more aware of the social and ecological contexts of our lives. We are all challenged as individuals to find new patterns of behavior that guarantee a successful and happy life in a world with so many options. Our lifestyles are changing along with our domestic habits. There are five major areas where consumers will expect reasonable, comfortable and fascinating solutions.

Experience-oriented living ©Getty Images

In the next 15 years, experiences will become the social currency of modern life. We will collect them to form the narrative and meaning of our lives.

Instead of owning things, we will have an increasing desire for transcendent experiences that deliver exceptional new opportunities or perspectives for personal growth. We will expect to be able to share our experiences at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home with others, featuring ourselves as the heroes of our own stories. Showing these unique experiences will be our way of demonstrating who we are. We will also want to see more guided opportunities for creative development.

We will also need our 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home experience to be exceptional, creating exceptional sensuality through unexpected textures and rich tastes. Continuous visual and tactile stimulation will diversify and heighten our everyday 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home experience. Support will come from invisible tech operating in the background, allowing us to focus on our seamless experiences.

Healthy living ©Getty Images

With more technological possibilities for tracking and optimizing personal health issues and with the negative effects of modern living on health becoming obvious and even existential, we are more and more aware of our own responsibility to live healthily. We increasingly perceive health as a prominent universal value and individual differentiator in society.

To fulfill our personal and social health expectations, we will progressively seek simple and affordable health solutions that soften the effects of modern work and life. We will want to be supported with data-driven health consultation and other educational health approaches at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home. We will strongly feel the need to be protected in our 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home from an unpredictable and chaotic outside world. We will learn that our health is intertwined with the health of others, which should be protected as well.

Sustainable living ©Getty Images

We are becoming more and more aware of the fact that our health, wealth and social harmony are increasingly endangered by the consequences of modern life trends. Consumers therefore think and act more consciously and responsibly when it comes to the socio-ecological effects of consumption and living at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home.

Personal goals and environmental awareness will be directly correlated with the help of integrated solutions. Resource-efficient behavior at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home will become part of everyday interactions. Natural aesthetics in the 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home and emergent entertaining approaches will provide emotionally rewarding sustainability. We will seek to embed our 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home lives in nature, its processes and conditions, for a symbiotic cohabitation with our living environment.

Considering visible sustainability as a form of self-expression, we will require tangible feedback and transparency for our actions – perceivable by ourselves and within our socio-cultural context.

Utilizing culturally sensitive solutions, we will commit to new forms of collaborative sustainability allowing us to multiply viable benefits, establishing renewable continuity as a moral cornerstone on a grand scale. This will lead to sustainability becoming a societal dogma, and a common practice at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home.

Living in a connected world ©iStock

We are living in an increasingly technologically connected world, in which there is a constant digital link between everything, and “online” has become the default status. This changes every part of our lives at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home and creates a desire for invisible and adaptive technology that is less obtrusive, but also reenergizes our wish for analog experiences.

We will appreciate the benefits of digitalization, which provides us with smart solutions that transcend possessions. While taking full advantage of our new connectivity, we will not want to be controlled by the digital world, but rather maintain our own control. We may even attempt to break out of our lives, determined by algorithms and strive for unexpected and inspiring moments of unpredictability, challenge and personal growth.

A life in public and always being “on” will become our default state. We will want to focus on one task or project at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home and we will expect absolute data privacy at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home in our intimate, digital sphere.

Managing life in a granular world ©Getty Images

The way we manage our lives and 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币homes will change. We will want to profit from a world full of options while at the same time retaining islands of intimacy to withdraw to. And as time becomes a luxury, time management will not only be a craft but also an indication for successful life.

To reduce complexity in life, we will increasingly seek to outsource household tasks and turn to temporary or project-based groups. We will seek to manage the permeability of the 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home. What is public and how do we connect to it, what is private and at which stage? Maintaining control of the integration and separation of work and life will be a key challenge.

Throughout our lives, we experience the desire to feel the impact of our actions and retain a sense of efficacy. We will look for considerate 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home appliances which recognize social situations and preferences immediately. Being just “smart” is no longer good enough.

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