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Global Supply Chain

The BSH supply chain – global and excellent

Ever greater demands are being put on our sector. Our company operates in highly dynamic interplay between accelerating change and progressively evolving markets. To overcome these challenges, we rely on our integrated global supply chain.

Purchasing - increasing efficiency together

Purchasing lays the foundation for uniform, transparent procurement processes at BSH within our global supply chain organization. It is characterized by clearly defined responsibilities and uniform reporting.

From steel and components to investment goods, from IT systems and fleets to digital agencies: our employees in purchasing look after the company's overall demand. Using state-of-the-art bidding processes and targeted negotiations, we award contracts for external goods and services with the primary goal of ensuring that materials and services remain available and hgh quality, in a sustainable way.

Demand and Supply Management

Demand-supply management is responsible for all planning processes along the supply chain. Our global operation allows us to balance group-wide supply and demand and thus optimize the interaction between market supply, delivery time, inventories and capacities.

The central focus is always on the wishes and needs of consumers. We supply the products they want, tailored to their requirements: at the right time, and in the right quantity and the right place. Our actions significantly contribute to the long-term and profitable growth of BSH.

Logistics - optimized delivery is our promise

As global logistics, we are responsible for stocking and physically transporting the required materials and, most importantly, our products to customers. Our global logistics team is responsible for transportation and warehousing worldwide, beginning with designing the global supply chain network and ending with purchasing and overseeing of the logistics service providers involved.

By optimally designing the necessary structures and processes, as well as a large portion of operational commitment, we make a significant contribution to our common goal of "delivering the promise".

Become part of our supply chain or our team!

Are you interested in collaborating with our company? Find out below how your company can become a partner in our supply chain. And if you would like to work with us directly: Our global logistics and purchasing team is also looking for expert reinforcement. We look forward to hearing from you!


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