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Global Supply Chain

The BSH supply chain – global and excellent.

Ever greater demands are being made on our sector. Our company operates in an extremely dynamic interplay between accelerating change and progressively evolving markets. We can only overcome these challenges together through our global, integrated supply chain.

We value your support

We see committed, reliable suppliers as a central element of our global supply chain. For this reason, we expect the same high standards from our business partners as we do from ourselves. We value collaboration based on partnership and competitive business conditions. Compatibility with our systems and seamless integration in our processes also play an important role for successful collaboration.

Become part of our supply chain or our team

Are you interested in collaborating with our company? Find out in the next section how your company can be a reliable partner in our supply chain. And if you would like to work with us directly: Our global logistics and purchasing team is also looking for expert reinforcement. We look forward to hearing from you!

Demand-Supply Management – conducting supply and demand.

Demand-Supply Management is responsible for all planning processes along the supply chain. Our global control function allows us to balance Group-wide supply and demand and thus ensure optimum interaction between market supply, delivery time, inventories and capacities.

The central focus is always on the wishes and needs of our consumers. We supply the products they want tailored to their requirements: at the right time, in the right quantity and in the right place. Our actions therefore contribute significantly to the long-term and profitable growth of BSH.

We use Demand-Supply Management to steer the BSH value chain

Professional demand planning forecasts how many of our appliances will be needed when and where for the coming periods. We check and consolidate global demand and translate this into production volumes that can be serviced via our BSH-wide factory and supplier network. We thus harmonize supply and demand, taking account of opportunities and risks, as well as service, inventory and productivity objectives.

Demand-Supply Management is a core process at our company

Global Supply Chain
  • Value chain driven: We implement process standards across departments.
  • Innovative: We use modern supply chain solutions.
  • Forward-looking: We use the opportunities offered by digital transformation.
  • Global: We control the global supply chain.
  • Customer-focused: We support sales-related aspects of the supply chain.

Increasing our efficiency together.

Purchasing lays the foundation for uniform, transparent procurement processes at BSH within our global supply chain organization. It is characterized by clearly defined responsibilities and uniform reporting.

From steel and components to investment goods, from IT systems and fleets to Internet agencies: Our employees in purchasing look after the company's overall demand. Using the latest bidding processes and targeted negotiations, BSH awards contracts for external goods and services with the primary goal of ensuring the required availability and quality of the materials and services.

Clear goals for ongoing improvements.

The procurement process is conducted in a standardized manner and in close cooperation with the various subsidiaries. For example, we bundle the Group's worldwide demand in order to achieve the defined savings objectives and identify the best suppliers. Our actions are guided in this by four essential key factors: quality, quantity, delivery time and location.

With a purchasing volume of around seven billion euros in 2019, our company's competitiveness depends predominantly on our suppliers. A large percentage of our product costs is determined by supply parts. We counteract increasing cost pressure on the market by continuously optimizing all the links in our supply chain.

Strong partnerships lead to shared success.

We expect our suppliers to work together with us to flexibly and reliably overcome the diverse challenges posed by the market. Thanks to our innovative strength, we secure access for ourselves and our partners to the latest technologies and offer additional opportunities to leverage economies of scale and reduce costs by bundling material groups globally. Fully utilize your productivity as a supplier and increase our shared success.

“Purchasing operates across divisions and functions in order to ensure the best combination of function, quality, innovation, delivery and costs.”

Stefan Raab

  • Production Materials
    5.2 Billion Euros
  • Indirect Material
    2.0 Billion Euros

Our Logistics organization organizes, steers and optimizes.

As an internal service provider within the BSH Group, our Logistics organization ensures that all products are always available exactly where they are needed. The key pillars of our services are storage, handling and transportation – primarily of finished appliances, but also materials.

Clear mission with responsibility

Our central Logistics organization is responsible for market-driven, customer-oriented, cost-effective and environmentally-compatible order fulfillment for all appliances shipped worldwide from Germany.

Our corporate values spur us on to always act in a responsible and sustainable manner - also in relation to the varied aspects of logistics.

Exciting scope of activities

Our Logistics organization handles the required services for storing and distributing finished goods, including accessories, in all sales regions. On behalf of the product divisions and sales departments, our Logistics team also looks after the packaging of appliances as well as the return of old appliances.

With regard to transporting production materials, what is referred to as procurement or inbound logistics, our Logistics organization is responsible for concept development, tendering and organizing inbound transport (excluding bulk and liquid materials).

Go to our corporate principles

“Due to digitization societies around the world have changed immensely. Change is becoming the norm, and we have to deal with it not only in logistics, but within our entire supply chain organization.”

Philipp Kipper

FAQ – Logistics.

The aim is to provide standardized reports in the medium to long term to serve as the basis for being able to make quick decisions.

The basis is BSH's rolling 12-month sales planning from which, for example, factory demand and production material needs among others can be derived. The sales planning is translated into logistics parameters using a specially developed tool.

Various SAP applications such as ERP systems, EWM, TM and BI.

To obtain information about load securing instructions please contact us .

Facts and Figures.

  • 223

    soccer fields

    The equivalent of our warehousing space globally.

  • 489600


    Train length per year in Europe – that corresponds to the route from Munich to Frankfurt.

  • 600000


    Delivery by sea freight, this corresponds to the weight of 3,570 blue whales.

  • 6900


    Leave our warehouses and transshipment points every day.

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