Company Portrait

Company Portrait

We are here to make you smile

At BSH, our purpose is to improve quality of life at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home through our exceptional brands, high-class products and superior solutions.

BSH in Facts and Figures

  • 38
    Factories worldwide

    We manufacture in Europe, the USA, Latin America and Asia.

  • 60000

    People all over the world work for BSH.

  • No. 1
    BSH in Europe

    BSH is the leading 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home appliance manufacturer in Europe.

  • 0
    CO₂ Emissions

    The manufacturing of products at BSH locations is carbon-neutral.

  • 13.9
    Billion Euros Turnover

    In 2020, we achieved record sales of EUR 13.9 billion.

  • 5.1
    Research & Development

    Our R&D spending remains high – with a focus on digital technologies

As of Dec. 2020.

We are BSH 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Appliances

To us, it all comes down to making people smile – our consumers, business partners, suppliers and employees. We improve people’s quality of life through our exceptional brands, high-class products and superior solutions.

BSH stands for a variety of globally well-known Appliance Brands* such as Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and Neff, as well as seven local brands. With our Ecosystem Brand 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Connect and Service Brands such as Kitchen Stories or BlueMovement, we offer consumers digital services and sustainable solutions to improve their daily lives.

*BSH is a trademark licensee of Robert Bosch GmbH for the Bosch brand and Siemens AG for the Siemens brand.


Successful all over the world.

Founded in Germany in 1967 as a joint venture of Robert Bosch GmbH (Stuttgart) and Siemens AG (Munich), BSH has been 100% owned by Bosch Group since January 2015.

We have grown a lot in our over 50 years of history: from a German exporter to one of the world's leading 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home appliance manufacturers with 38 factories worldwide. Our product portfolio ranges from cookers, ovens and extractor hoods, dishwashers, washers and dryers, fridges and freezers to small 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, coffee machines or food processors.

Our employees are the basis for our success.

We put people at the center of everything we do. That’s why we seek to foster a corporate culture in which all our 60,000 employees around the globe feel valued. At BSH, we foster diversity in all its shapes and sizes.

We create conditions for all employees to enjoy, grow and perform at their best, both today and tomorrow.


Our essential pillars.

At BSH, we believe in the importance of essential pillars. They form the basis for our daily decisions and actions.

Consumer centricity

Our consumers' needs are always at the heart of our developments. By putting ourselves in their shoes, we embrace their uniqueness and offer solutions that make life at 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home effortless and more enjoyable.


At BSH, we believe that the three dimensions of sustainability are not mutually exclusive but complementary. We want to prove that environmental protection, social responsibility and economical persistence are the foundations of a successful business.

Digitalization and connectivity

We go beyond the product: to meet individual consumer needs, we are transforming from a 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home appliances manufacturer to a company that offers additional personalized digital features, services and content. One example is our Ecosystem Brand 数字货币合约交易_虚拟货币home Connect.

Board of Management

Carla Kriwet

Carla Kriwet

Chairwoman of the Board of Management
Chief Executive Officer

Gerhard Dambach

Gerhard Dambach

Member of the Board of Management
Chief Financial Officer

Matthias Ginthum - CMO

Matthias Ginthum

Member of the Board of Management
Chief Markets Officer

Silke Maurer - COO

Silke Maurer

Member of the Board of Management
Chief Operating Officer

Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is, according to the Federal Co-Determination Act (in German: "Mitbestimmungsgesetz") made up of representatives of the shareholders and the employees. Taking care of the interests of the employees are one representative for the senior executives, members of the workers’ councils and the trade unions (IG Metall).

  • Chairman Prof. Stefan Asenkerschbaumer Stuttgart
  • Vice Chairman Elmar Freund Rödelmaier

Member Board

  • Dr. Christian Fischer Stuttgart
  • Dr. Annette Becker Stuttgart
  • Ellen Bonna-Knöpp Syrgenstein
  • Sabina Desiato Stuttgart
  • Jochen Hafner Rosenheim
  • Ralf Indenkämpen Essen
  • Filiz Albrecht Stuttgart
  • Dr. Elmar Pritsch Münster
  • Wolfgang Rückert Traunreut
  • Birgit Seeger Karlsruhe
  • Margit Stegbauer Munich
  • Sascha Treml Weiterstadt
  • Yanyan Wang Stuttgart

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